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Kind words


Thank you for helping my Mum and Dad prepare for my birth and support our family after it.  

Baby Partrick  -  NW8 St. Johnswood 


Thank you so much for all your help and support over the last 4 months with the twins. You have been practical, very informative nurturing and great company too. We will miss you dearly, but we will always remember the input you have given to our family. 


Elisa & Ben -  EN5 Barnet 


Thank you for all the support and guidance you gave us both before, after and during our big day. Although it did not go the way we anticipated, it was still a positive experience and our little girl arrived safe and happy. You will always be in our memories and we are very grateful for your kindness and compassion.


Melissa & Ed - N1 Hoxton

Thank you all your support to date with our journey. Your kind warm and professional care has meant the world to us. The bumps in the road have definitely been easier to manage with your support and guidance. 

Christina & Tim - NW10  Kensal Green  


I wasn't actually booked to have Grainne as my Doula but the Douala I had booked had a family emergency when I was giving birth so she arranged for Grainne to come in her place. It obviously wasn't an easy situation for Grainne to walk into, since we'd never met and by that point, I was getting pretty far along in my labour. She was absolutely brilliant! She was incredibly sensitive and helped me so much during my birth. She wasn't over the top and knew instinctively exactly how much support I needed. And she knew when to take a step back too. I cannot recommend her highly enough and would gladly have her attending if I were to have another baby at any point.

Gerogina - W8 Kensington  

I was initially skeptical about having a third person in the room during the birth of our daughter and worried about losing the emotional intimacy of birth. But from the first time we met Grainne, I immediately felt at ease with her. Grainne is so knowledgeable and friendly and getting to know her before the birth was really important to me. She really understood how we wanted her to help us and having her as our birth doula was invaluable. Whilst I felt that I was fully prepared for the birth, having attended a hypnobirthing course, NCT and read some books, Grainne offered a level of support to my wife (and me) that I could not have achieved on my own. I would warmly recommend Grainne to anyone thinking of hiring a doula.

Nick - HA1 Harrow


Grainne Amos is personable, encouraging and positive and she has got a wonderful energy about her. She is easy going, calm and relaxed and nothing faces her. Her interest and knowledge about giving birth is second to none. She isn’t scared of difficult subjects and handles those with great respect and empathy. She was able to support me and guide me during my labour in a way that I could never have imagined, both physically and mentally. This is where her strengths really came out in full force. She knew my birth plan inside and out and made sure it was being followed. I would recommend her to anyone giving birth and I give her my warmest recommendations to any future parents looking for a doula. I wouldn't hesitate a moment to hire her again for a potential future pregnancy.

Elin -  HA1 Harrow 

My husband and I were completely unprepared for the beautiful carnage that is the ‘fourth trimester’. When I first picked up to the phone to Gráinne my little boy was about two weeks old and I was completely frazzled. I was acutely sleep deprived, hadn’t washed my hair in ages, I couldn’t remember the last time I’d eaten a decent meal and my washing basket was out of control. Gráinne arrived at our doorstep the next day and we honestly haven’t looked back since.

Gráinne is honestly one of the kindest people I know. She is driven by a desire to do good and this evident by the quality of care and support she offered to me and my family. She went above and beyond to help in every way, whether that was by rustling up something in the kitchen, taking our son out for a walk so we could get some precious sleep or cramming in another load of washing. She always succeeded in restoring order to our house and she always did it with a smile on her face.

Aside from the practical support Gráinne offered to our family, I will always be grateful to the support she offered me as a new mummy. I must confess that my confidence was pretty low in those first months and I found myself questioning my mummying skills and putting myself down, more than I care to admit. Gráinne consistently championed me and encouraged me to follow my instincts. I can’t stress how valuable this is in those first months against a backdrop of opinionated family members and healthcare professionals who can at times be void of empathy. We are honestly blessed to have Gráinne in our lives and see her as an extension of our family. We can’t recommend her enough!

Kárren - NW11 Mill Hill 

Thank you for helping and supporting our family postnatally. You have got me through so many fears. What you do is so valuable.


Sharon & Harry-  SL0 Iver Heath


Grainne was my post natal doula following the birth of my first son in 2018 and I can honestly say her support, advice and assistance was invaluable. My husband and I were overwhelmed by her warmth and kindness in supporting us having become parents for the first time helping ensure we had time to enjoy the special moments with our son and keeping our household functioning.


Choosing a doula can be a daunting experience as you are choosing someone who will be in your home and assisting you with some of the most  intimate and vulnerable moments of your life, including helping me breastfeed, supporting me on days when the baby blues had hit or just when I was a bit emotional through lack of sleep. What was most important for us was that we could find someone that would fit in with our family and still for us all to feel at ease, even though there was a new person doing their magic all around that we didn’t know that well! 


My husband and I found that perfect person in Grainne! When you first meet Grainne what instantly comes across is her warmth and caring nature as well as her fun personality….she always arrives with a smile! We quickly felt at ease with Grainne not only looking after out little boy but being with us in our home. From the outset, Grainne blew us away with her boundless energy even after she had held our son  in her arms for 4 hours through the night (as it was the only way he would sleep) to give us the rest we desperately needed.  Her approach was incredibly supportive and always encouraging which over time has immensely helped us increase our confidence of being parents and looking after our little boy. Grainne has also been great to talk through the different things that over time we were either worried about or struggling with. Each time she has always listened  and if required has offered us suggestions of things that we might consider not only from looking after our little boy but also dealing with our care providers. 


We have no idea how we would have got through the first year without her but we are so grateful to have this wonderful person in our lives and enable us to enjoy our first year with our little one rather than just survive! We are just sorry that we couldn’t keep her forever! 

Shirley & Kris - N1 Islington 

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